Clickshare Public Information Packet

For the latest information on recent developments, or if parts of the Clickshare service are not working: see Clickshare Set Back.

The files listed below provide a basic introduction to Clickshare. Each linked item is a separate document, and printed out (which we encourage) they come to about 40 pages.

* What is Clickshare?

Clickshare intro for users
The Clickshare step-by-step workout
Selling and tracking information on the World Wide Web
Clickshare benefits to publishers and advertisers
Clickshare key points
Clickshare FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions -- somewhat out of date) (35K)

* How does Clickshare work?

How Clickshare works (non-technical)
Technical requirements to run Clickshare on your server
Sample reports and log files show Clickshare at work
Publisher Summaries tally systemwide activity via Clickshare
Technical FAQ (16K)

*How does a publisher enroll?

What Clickshare costs publishers
Terms of enrollment for Publishing Members
Software license and alpha non-disclosure agreement

*News and people

Clickshare in the news (index and excerpts) (41K)
Clickshare press releases
About Clickshare and Newshare Corp.
Who's who at Clickshare

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