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Technical requirements to run the Clickshare Web Server on your site

Software Status

The Clickshare software you'll run at your site is currently in "beta" release form. At this development stage, your technical staff can expect to encounter issues related to configuration of the software to match local site conditions, and ease of use. A major goal of this release is to get feedback from publishers on service classes and other user management techniques we have built in. So, you will have opportunities for creativity, as well as occasional frustrations.

Your technical operations personnel need to know only a few things about the Clickshare Access and Payment Service:

Server Installation Information

  1. Auxiliary software is included. It is contained in a single directory tree and can be executed from that tree or from normal bin directories. The auxiliary software includes:
    • registration database management tools
    • email redirector
    • testing and verification tools

  2. Our source release requires the Free Software Foundation GNU cc ( "gcc") compiler suite. The current release -- 2.7.0 -- compiles easily on all the major unix architectures, including Linux and BSDI on Intel machines. All our software is written with and for "gcc". Our auxiliary code -- CGI scripts and the like - requires Perl version 5, which is also available on all major unix architecture.

    For the beta Clickshare release, these development tools need to be available on the server workstation.

  3. Sites currently running a commercial secure server can run either Clickshare or the commercial daemon on the primary service port with the remaining daemon, as well as others, on auxiliary ports.

    Sites running Personal Library Software Inc.'s PLWeb search engine can be configured to simultaneously address search queries to one or more such daemons on the same machine.

  4. Our software does NOT consume lots of machine resources -- that is, over and above what is consumed by a "normal" web server. We recommend that a minimum of 32MB of RAM and 1GB of hard disk storage be available on any of the hardware mentioned above. Those machines that will run full X Window System displays in addition to running the HTTP server should have a minimum 64MB of RAM.
Your technical questions can be addressed to the general contact names at Clickshare Puublic Information Packet or directly to: David Oliver, Managing Director -- Technology <>

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