Clickshare Set Back

A statement by Felix Kramer, former Marketing Director and Member, Board of Directors of Clickshare Corporation

(For a more recent update, see Clickshare For Sale.)
Over the past year, as Marketing Director of Clickshare, I've kept you informed of the progress made by this service that many people have seen as a promising solution to the problem of how to buy information online.

Measured by "Internet Time," it's been dangerously slow going. But to this day, the opportunity remains: there is nothing else like Clickshare out there, aggregating microtransactions. Though it is less likely, we might still get the chance to find out if Clickshare could be broadly adopted. (I still believe in it.)

However, I'm sorry to inform you that we recently reached a fork in the road -- and took a wrong turn. Here's my abridged version:

Personally, I must come to terms with having little to show for a year of my life -- though I've gained many attentive readers online and some good friends. I also gain some satisfaction from the knowledge that I have never had to exaggerate or misrepresent Clickshare. And I'll try to steer clear of people so convinced of the inevitability of their company's success that they often can't perceive their own best interests.

What happens to the key players who have left (all of whom, in my opinion, acted honorably and openly)?

All of us except Callahan will be making the rounds at Internet World in NYC this week; you can write us to arrange to meet us then or at some other time to talk about Clickshare or discuss other opportunities.

As shareholders, it is in our economic self-interest for Clickshare to succeed without us. Clickshare continues discussions with content and service providers and investors. The outright sale of the software remains a strong possibility. I hope that some savvy publisher, ISP, credit card company or other entity will come to terms with co-founder William P. Densmore, Jr. <>, who will shortly regain his titles of Chairman and CEO of Clickshare.

Thanks for your interest, patience and support. Feel free to forward this to any interested parties.

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This page ( written 9 December 1996 and updated 7 March 1997; archive of site added at later date.