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Internet users are tired of remembering multiple registration IDs and passwords as they move among their favorite World Wide Web sites. And many would like to be able to purchase information by the click, without having to enter their credit card numbers each time or sign up for multiple subscriptions.

The Clickshare Access and Payment Service enables multi-site user authentication, microtransaction billing and settlement, and cross-site access measurement. Here's a one-page description of Clickshare.

Clickshare registration provides you access to a universe of information offered by independent publishers. A single registration allows you access to any of the cooperating publishers with only a single authentication per session.

Try everything out -- or just sign up

To get the big picture and understand what Clickshare does, open up the Clickshare step-by-step workout, and keep that page open while you work through the demonstration, (or print out that page). We suggest you finish reading this page, then close it: everything you need is on the step-by-step workout page.

Or to skip the self-guided tour: REGISTER for Clickshare at Newshare Corp.

Browser Compatibility

We've worked to make the Clickshare Service "browser neutral", and we believe that current, or near-current, versions of most popular Web browsers fully interoperate with Clickshare.

Users from CIS, AOL, Prodigy and MSN may experience difficulties using the multi-site authentication features of Clickshare. If you're a user of one of these services, and features you see are not what you expect, please report your problems to us at

The Clickshare Service has been tested with the following browsers:

The Clickshare Service may have interoperability problems with the following browsers:

If you can add any information to the list above, please write to
For the most recent and complete explanation of Clickshare, go to the Public Information Packet.
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